When looking for a Behavioural Optometrist Sunshine Coast parents do not have to look far! Darin Browne at Eye CU has had over 25 years of experience dealing with all aspects of Behavioural Optometry, from learning disabilities to short sightedness limitation, from sports vision to turned eyes, from special lenses to the latest techniques in eye care.

This type of Optometry involves a radical change in the way an eye care professional sees his patients.  As far as Doctor Darin is concerned, he does not see a pair of eyeballs roll into his practice asking for an eye exam!  Rather, a whole person will visit for an eye examination, and he wants to treat the entire person, not just a pair of eyeballs.  Identification of whether your eyes are farsighted, nearsighted or astigmatic is only the starting point  for someone like Darin!

In this mode of practice, it is not enough to have 20/20 or 6/6 eyesight.  Farsightedness and short sightedness are part but not all of the question, and this is especially pertinent for kids of any age struggling in their learning and schoolwork, regardless of whether they currently wear a prescription lens or not.

When Visiting a Behavioural Optometrist Sunshine Coast Parents Expect More!

So what is expected?  Are they more expensive?  Do they take longer and do they do more vision testing than the average practitioner? Do they use a special lens or glasses when treating kids? Do they use special types of vision therapy or eye exercises?  I am sure as a parent you are asking yourself these questions, and the answers will probably surprise you!

In our practice, we certainly do not charge a premium for a behavioural eye examination.  We take a lot longer and run many more tests than the average practitioner, but we feel that these are justified and we are happy to do this while still being covered under our health system.

You will also notice that Darin relates well to kids, rarely has the need to use eye drops like other people, and he also takes the time to explain the results, how he can relieve symptoms and what technology is available to you.

But the most important question is, “Can you help my child?”  The simple answer is Yes, in most cases where children are struggling at school.  By doing the right vision tests, and using special lenses that support focusing on near tasks like reading, we can radically improve concentration for many of the kids who come to our office for an eye test.  By utilizing our exclusive vision therapy program, we also see children who have been previously struggling with learning difficulties start to acquire the visual skills they need to start moving ahead.  All this can be done in the comfort of your own home, via our exclusive internet based vision therapy program.

So, when Looking for an Eye Test at a Behavioural Optometrist Sunshine Coast Parents Turn to Dr Darin Browne at Eye CU, your Family Friendly Optical Practice at Palmwoods.