Reading Help for ChildrenIf you are searching for a way to provide reading help for children it is often difficult to know where to start.  As you would readily recognize, simply going over and over the same material endlessly does not really provide what your child needs, but rather it compounds the misery of their failure at reading, frustrating both children and parents.  Surely there has to be a better way to provide reading help the children that actually sees results?  There is, and I can show you exactly what you can do to start seeing improvement in your child!


Reading Help for Children Must Start at the Basics


The reason why so much of the remedial reading  available today is ineffective is because it starts at a level that is too advanced for a child struggling with learning difficulties.  If you have a child with a learning disability, then you will obviously be very keen to get that child reading well as soon as possible.  For this reason, parents and often teachers plunge into reading programs but completely overlook the basics of providing remedial help, which starts with basics such as the eyes.  You cannot build a strong house without a strong foundation, and you cannot provide long term reading help for children without addressing the basic issues and skills that are failing in the reading process.


You Need to Build on the Basics


This does not mean that we completely neglect words and sentences, because these are the building blocks of reading.  However, if we lay a firm foundation in the basic vision skills that child needs to learn to read, the actual process of deciphering words and sentences and ultimately reading effectively will become easier in the long term.


If we want to provide powerful help for children in their reading, we must start with the basics and then build on the basics as the child increases their ability to read.  However, in our eagerness to provide reading help for children, we most often jump to the second phase and overlook the basics but in fact lay the groundwork for future reading success.


 Start With Developing the Tools They Need to Read


So where do we start in providing effective help for your child that actually works?  As a behavioral optometrist for over 20 years, I believe that vision is a key skill that needs to be developed effectively in order for children to read well, and the success of our treatments really bears that out.  That’s why I have developed a program which trains the basic visual skills required in reading, and is an effective way of developing these skills to provide long-term reading help for kids that will yield academic success, usually in a short period of time.


Visual skills such as focusing, like ordination, visualization, eye tracking, sequencing, coding and a host of others can be developed quickly and effectively to provide the basis upon which you can build good reading skills.  I have proven in my own practice time and again that taking a short amount of time out from reading tutoring, and devoting it to the development of these essential visual skills, can yield long-term results in reading, writing and spelling.


If we develop these basic skills properly, the effectiveness of reading programs provided by teachers and parents are greatly increased.  Once again, the laying of a proper foundation provides support for the structure that is built upon it, and the right vision therapy can provide that foundation to ensure long-term reading success, because we are training the actual skills they use when they try to read!


So I would urge those of you who work with children with learning disabilities to not overlook the training of these basic visual skills, because these will fast track your efforts and ultimately yield far better results that slugging away at remedial reading.


Combining the right type of vision therapy with traditional reading help for children could be the formula for success in learning disabilities that you are looking for.