eye exercises for myopiaMany Optometrists  address myopia or nearsightedness using glasses,  but is there an argument for using eye exercises for myopia?

To  understand this question we  should  consider the  beginnings of  nearsightedness, because if we can understand why something happens we  could attempt to stop it from happening again (makes sense doesn’t it).

In our society we are seeing a  significant  rise in short sightedness, and this  is because of the marked  rise in sustained near vision tasks such as  computers, hand-held  devices and reading in general. This jump in the amount of myopia,  particularly amongst children and  teens,  has actually confirmed  exactly what we have actually known for a long time, that a large amount of sustained concentration on close activities particularly screens can cause nearsightedness to occur as a result.

Prolonged concentration on near tasks, which  could occur while studying, reading, working  and even playing  video games, triggers stress and tension within in your eyes. Do it enough and you will give yourself headaches or sore eyes, unless your vision discovers another method to deal with the tension.  Nearsightedness, letting the distance go blurred while close objects remain clear and comfortable, is one such  method!

So, due to the fact that near tension is the major source for a lot of nearsightedness, eye exercises for myopia can be really effective,  especially in the early stages of the problem.  I use a range of eye exercises to manage short sightedness, and we obtain really good outcomes for  some kinds of nearsightedness.  Other kinds do not respond well to eye exercises, so claims that you can do exercises and throw away your glasses are either exaggerated or completely false!

Many of the eye exercises for myopia we have actually use do a good job because they work on relaxing or releasing the strain on vision during  focused near work. They include anything from specialized massaging around the eyes and shoulders, right through to lifestyle modifications such as taking breaks and  looking up when doing close work.

Effective treatment for nearsightedness involves decreasing the strain on eyesight when doing huge amounts of reading or computer  job or games.  It  could  include lifestyle  modifications, taking breaks and looking up  in to the distance regularly,  yet it can  additionally  include specialized eye exercises for  nearsightedness,  along with  often glasses.  Making use of tried and true approaches using the right lenses and/or eye exercises can  reduce or control nearsightedness and  occasionally  even reverse it.  Sometimes it can even allow you to throw your glasses away!

So i you are starting to see the distance go  fuzzy, don’t  ignore it!   Come to Eye CU Optometrist and get the right advice.  We can help you and  see that you  properly  decrease the  strain of excessive computer work and reading.  Come and talk to us about how you can use eye exercises for myopia control, reduction and reversal today!

Sunshine Coast OptometristIf you are trying to find a children’s Sunshine Coast Optometrist then it is worth turning to Dr Darin Browne, who has been working with children and learning difficulties for over 25 years.

Darin operates from a family friendly Optometry practice and brings years of experience and creativity into the testing of children, especially kids who are struggling at school.  His entire practice is geared around children, with a huge selection of fun frames, the latest in lens innovation for kids and online vision therapy.

He makes sure that from the moment you walk through the door, you are made to feel welcome, with friendly staff and a great atmosphere that your kids will love, from the PlayStation in the reception area to specialized tests that have been designed exclusively for children.

In fact, he thrives on kids, so your child’s eye test will be more fun than any other offered by any Sunshine Coast Optometrist.

Darin has seen remarkable changes in the world of optometry, and in the field of learning disabilities and dyslexia.  And with vision being the dominant sense in the classroom, having over 80% of all information coming in to the child’s brain, the link between vision problems and learning difficulties is a very strong one.

With most optical stores on the Coast treating children like miniature adults, Darin is the Sunshine Coast optometrist with a completely different view, with a host of special tests designed for children which the big stores simply don’t do.

He also writes and designs his own therapies, so the incredible results seen for children with learning difficulties are available exclusively through Eye CU Optometrist on the Sunshine Coast.

So don’t leave your child struggling to learn, or experiencing headaches, sore eyes or poor concentration and frustration when trying to read.  Visit Dr Darin Browne at Eye CU, the Sunshine Coast Optometrist who genuinely cares for your children and your family.

Eye TestIt is not easy on the Sunshine Coast finding the best eye test.


With optical dispensers and cut-price optometrists all over the place, one would be forgiven for thinking that low cost glasses are more important than a quality eye test and the right advice about how you can use your vision best in the activities you undertake in life.

But your vision is a precious gift, and I believe it is more important to get the best eye test and the right advice and to have all your concerns answered rather than saving a few dollars on cheap glasses.  Anyone can sell you simple glasses, but the right advice can help you set up your eyes and use your vision to do exactly what you want.

And the thing is, here in Australia, most eye tests are Bulk Billed and as such are available to consumers at zero costs, whether it is a 15 minute rush job or a thorough, comprehensive visual examination.

At Eye CU Optometrist we aim to offer the very best eye examination on the Sunshine Coast. We won’t just sell you cheap glasses (although we can), but we will check every aspect of your eye health and vision, including eye diseases like glaucoma, macular degeneration and diabetes.


We also look at how you use your eyes, and examine the focus and eye coordination systems, and can advise you how you can get the best out of your vision for your specific situation, at home, school or work.  We can even design exactly the right lenses for your needs, meaning a computer worker can be perfectly set up for his job, and so can a teacher, a mechanic or a driver.

And this is our challenge as Optometrists… To help people see better, but also to enable them to achieve maximum productivity, whether they drive a lot, use computers or read for hours, or are just hanging around at home.

So come and see Eye CU Optometrists for the very best Sunshine Coast eye test today!