The Shortsighted Epidemic

Short sighted spectaclesWe are facing shortsighted epidemic, but most optometrists are short sighted in that they don’t even recognize the epidemic.

This epidemic is affecting children between the ages of five and 20, and is directly dependent on the amount of close or sustained near work that they are attempting. The reason this epidemic is happening is because of the rise of small screens, especially iPods, iPads and smart phones.

Children tend to …

Eye TestIt is not easy on the Sunshine Coast finding the best eye test.


With optical dispensers and cut-price optometrists all over the place, one would be forgiven for thinking that low cost glasses are more important than a quality eye test and the right advice about how you can use your vision best in the activities you undertake in life.

But your vision is a precious gift, and I believe it is more important to get the best eye test and the right advice and to have all your concerns answered rather than saving a few dollars on cheap glasses.  Anyone can sell you simple glasses, but the right advice can help you set up your eyes and use your vision to do exactly what you want.

And the thing is, here in Australia, most eye tests are Bulk Billed and as such are available to consumers at zero costs, whether it is a 15 minute rush job or a thorough, comprehensive visual examination.

At Eye CU Optometrist we aim to offer the very best eye examination on the Sunshine Coast. We won’t just sell you cheap glasses (although we can), but we will check every aspect of your eye health and vision, including eye diseases like glaucoma, macular degeneration and diabetes.


We also look at how you use your eyes, and examine the focus and eye coordination systems, and can advise you how you can get the best out of your vision for your specific situation, at home, school or work.  We can even design exactly the right lenses for your needs, meaning a computer worker can be perfectly set up for his job, and so can a teacher, a mechanic or a driver.

And this is our challenge as Optometrists… To help people see better, but also to enable them to achieve maximum productivity, whether they drive a lot, use computers or read for hours, or are just hanging around at home.

So come and see Eye CU Optometrists for the very best Sunshine Coast eye test today!