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My name is Darin Browne, and I can tell you that being a children’s behavioural optometrist is not a job, it’s a passion…

and this is what Eye CU Optometrists on the Sunshine Coast will focus on! 

If you are searching for a reason why your child is struggling at school, then you’ve come to the right place!


If your child is struggling at school, here are some actions steps you can focus on to help your child…

1. Recognize that not all Sunshine Coast Optical Stores are Behavioural Optometrists

While there are many good Sunshine Coast Optometry groups, and while many of them claim to be able to test the eyes of children with learning difficulties, most of these are not true Behavioural Optometrists.  Behavioural practitioners are those who not only look at children and actively use lenses and vision therapy or eye exercises to treat specific vision problems that can have a huge impact on learning abilities.  Darin Browne has a proven track record of working successfully with thousands of children and he helps dozens of kids every week.  That’s why so many schools, reading tutors and school counselors refer children to him, and he can help anything from learning the letters, spelling and reversing letters right through to advanced skills which help flow of reading and comprehension. If you have already had their eyes tested, come and see us anyway with no strings attached, because we do testing no other Sunshine Coast Optometrist does

2. Download Our Exclusive, Free Symptom List and Discover How Even a Small Eye Problem Can Affect Learning

Download and fill out the checklist, and if you score your child you will be able to see if vision is affecting their learning.  Bring it with you when you come to see  Darin, or give our office a call and week day on 5457 3333 if you have any questions.  We are here to help you find the answers you are looking for to help your child.  We are not here to sell useless glasses to you!  Darin will sit and explain how vision and your child’s eye problems can affect them, and tell you what you can do about it if you want to pursue it.


3. Make an Appointment for a Consultation, Which is Bulk Billed in Most Cases

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or Call Us directly on 5457 3333

This is an easy step, and we are as close as your phone!  It will cost you absolutely zero out of your pocket to have us examine your child with a complete behavioural vision analysis.  Even if your child has recently had an eye examination elsewhere, we won’t charge you and Darin will be paid less! We are so confident that you will be impressed, we invite you to sit in on the consultation and see for yourself how different an eye examination is at Eye CU and when you experience Dr Darin’s explanation you will agree that his eye test is unlike any other Sunshine Coast Optometrist.  He will clearly lay out how you can help your child, explain exactly why he is recommending the treatment, and help you, no matter what your financial state, to obtain the best help for your child.

 Why Consider a Children’s Optometrist?

Your eyes are the dominant sense in the classroom with up to 80% of all information coming into a child’s world by the eyes.  The visual skills we acquire and learn as we grow are what reading, writing and spelling development depends on.  Most Sunshine Coast Optometrists test children, but they test them like miniature adults, and Darin believes your kids deserve better than that! And vision most often contributes to the poor concentration you frequently find among children with learning disabilities when they face school work or computer studies (but not computer games… there’s a reason for that, ask Darin).

Why Consider Darin Browne and Eye CU Optometrists?

As a behavioural optometrist for over 25 years, I can tell you that I’m not motivated by money or sales in glasses, but by seeing children who were once struggling at school overcome their learning difficulties and become successful students. I have decided to focus on helping children with learning disabilities improve their concentration, motivation and to helping them obtain the visual skills they require to shine in their academic endeavours. After years of practice as a children’s optometrist on the Sunshine Coast, this is not idle words but I have shown a proven track record for helping kids, and receive referrals from most of the major schools on the Sunshine Coast, some close and some as far away as Gympie or Kingaroy. Plus, Darin has designed an extensive and exclusive therapy program which is a lot more than just a bead and string exercise!  He has tailored specific exercises that look at focus, visual memory, directions, hand-eye, fine and gross motor, just to name a few areas.  The exercises take only 20 minutes a day focus on skills your child uses, from the basics of forming letters and learning to hold a pencil right through to reading flow, following without losing their place and comprehension. Learn these basic skills and the rest is simple when it comes to improving at school!

Your Child Deserves a Children’s Behavioural Optometrist!

Your child is not a little adult, and we cannot look at a child’s eyes like an adults!  Their vision is developing, their needs are different, their coping skills are different and the pressures they face are not the same as an adult.  So why treat them like a little adult?  Surely your child deserves the best treatment from someone who is trained and passionate about helping them, not a string of adult based tests that have no bearing on their day to day learning at school .  Behavioural optometrists are different to regular optometrists and look at the entire process of testing a child, especially a child with learning disabilities, in a completely different way.  In fact, in our practice we insist that parents sit in on the examination to see how different we are when it comes to relating to and testing your child’s eyes and vision performance.  After all, you are with them every day and you know their problems better than most!

Why Not Come and See Us at Eye CU Optometrists?

An eye test with Darin Browne at Eye CU is bulk billed, so it costs you nothing from your own pocket.  His equipment is first rate, his selection of children’s frames is enormous, and his prices are extremely competitive.  Darin is not the only sunshine coast practitioner who tests eyes, but he is one of the few who has a passion and an interest in all aspects of children’s vision and development. Added to this, Darin also writes his own vision therapies and eye exercises which are cheap and highly effective for helping children with learning difficulties.  His whole office is friendly and approachable, and at Eye CU children are treated like Rock Stars!

So for the best experience in an eye test for children, and the answers you are searching for, come and see us at Eye CU, your Sunshine Coast Behavioural Optometrist!